Month: August 2014

Day One in Five Photos

Presented without context (at least for now).







Off I Go


The poorly lit photo above was taken more than a year ago. I’m not big on selfies. Oh, I’m as vain as anyone else–I just have too many self-image issues to want to regularly capture my face. In this case, I felt a need to document the exact moment I settled on a major five step plan:

  1. Save money/pay off student loans
  2. Quit job
  3. Move out of San Francisco
  4. Buy one-way ticket to someplace not quite here
  5. Seek enlightenment

Steps 1 through 4 have been achieved. (more…)

My “Get Psyched” Travel Mix

In case I need any more motivation to get psyched for my looming trip, I created this fun travel playlist using Spotify. There’s a lot of Joni Mitchell, the Grateful Dead, and a few songs off the Easy Rider soundtrack. Related: I was born in the wrong era, at least when it comes to which groovy tunes popular music I most enjoy.

Not all of these songs are explicitly about travel, but all of them make me want to grab my passport, get out of town, meet new people, and eat some street food. Hopefully there will be no need for a post-street food “Where’s the Immodium?” mix. I’ll worry about that later.

100 Things I’ll Miss About San Francisco


I moved out of San Francisco four days ago with a rented pickup truck and some mixed emotions. When I first moved to the city, I thought I would be there forever. San Francisco changed a lot over the past six years and I have too. When I eventually came to realize that being there for the rest of my life wasn’t what I wanted after all, I felt like I had failed myself.

I know that’s silly, but I’m the same girl who in fourth grade declared she would never, ever, EVER wear a dress and wound up feeling immensely guilty for enjoying her first homecoming gown in high school. But that gown was cute. Living in San Francisco for six years was good for me. So was moving on. Still, there are things I will definitely miss.

Here is a brief list:

100. Glen Canyon Park.

99. Ice cream carts in the Mission on rare hot days.

98. Hummus from Old Jerusalem.

97. Nick’s Crispy Tacos.

96. The Ramp‘s giant patio.

95. Stencil art on sidewalks.

94. Noe Street in the Duboce Triangle.

93. The hidden oasis that is South Park.

92. Blue Bottle lattes.

91. Soft pretzels from Jamber.