Month: April 2015

Telchac: Parte Dos


“I got in the pool after midnight to sober up…but then I kept drinking.”

“Do-min-go! Do-min-go!”

“Speaking of swizzle sticks…”

Just selection of quotables from Telchac Puerto.





Tulum was a place I thought I’d love and while I’m enjoying it, I’m not planning on searching for an apartment and staying a while. Which is good, because I think I already mentioned winding this trip down. That’s official now: I have a flight home booked. But I still have some time left in Mexico and a few more places to explore.

First, let’s review Tulum.



Friends in Playa Places


Once again, I didn’t have the best of times in D.F. I arrived Easter weekend when most places in my neighborhood were closed down. It was nearly impossible to find a taco for two days. I did enjoy one afternoon strolling around La Condesa and treating myself to a nice cup of tea and a good glass of wine. However, my hostel was not very relaxing and thanks to a snorer in my room (who also left the window open, letting bugs in to bite me), I got about two hours of sleep the night before my flight to Cancun. I was already eager to get to the Yucatan; I also couldn’t wait to get out of D.F.

Not only was I excited for beach time and getting to dig my bathing suits out from the bottom of my backpack, I was looking forward to reuniting with some of my favorite people I’ve met during this trip: Ken and Martha.


Ken is carrying my backpack for me, mostly because he’s nice and helpful but also because it matched his shorts.


Winding Down


No tacos hoy.

I’m back in Mexico! Currently in D.F. where pretty much everything is closed because of Easter, something that had not even crossed my mind. It was impossible to find tacos al pastor in my neighborhood today and that made me sad. I’ll probably just hang out around the hostel for a few days until I head to the Yucatan which I am suuuuuuuuper excited about.

But what have I been up to since I left Chile and went back to Peru?