Month: December 2016

“It’s only awkward if we let it be awkward.”

Buenas noches to all three or four people who read this (hi, mom!) It’s been a while.

I arrived in Puebla, Mexico this morning for stop one of my second mid-life crisis Latin American tour/travel break and will be trying to write more here again. All three or four of you may have noticed the blog’s name has changed from “The Bottling Line” to “Awkward Pants.” Why? Because I felt like it. Also, it sounds a little more whimsical than “What the hell am I doing with my life?” Which is too long of a domain name anyway.

I plan on writing about my trip as I did during the first mid-life crisis world tour/travel break in order to keep friends and family in the loop but I think I might branch out and tackle other subjects. Important ones, like how Jan and Putzie are the best couple in Grease. Or why Roz Doyle from Frasier is one of the most underrated female characters in television history. Those are conversations that are long past due, dear readers.

I’ve been more or less continuously awake for the past two days so I will be writing nothing of substance tonight. Instead, I’m going to read one of the new books I added to my ancient Kindle (I’ve been saving Dave Holmes’ Party of One and I’m so excited) and/or watch YouTube videos in my hostel’s common area and then pass out on my dormitory room twin bunk bed. I’m on top, the ladder is in a needlessly difficult-to-access position, and I’m very, very clumsy. Here I am: this is 32!