Part 2: Things I Will Miss About SMA

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 3.52.41 AM.png

House on Del Pueblito.

  • The signature taco at Don Taco Tequila. It’s basically ribeye and burnt cheese on a flour tortilla but fancy and amazing.
  • Watching mariachi performers walk to their gigs on Friday nights.
  • Leo, the bartender at Los Milagros. He always sneaks me extra tequila.
  • All the fat mermaid art at La Sirena Gorda. And their ahi tuna.
  • Lavender-infused lattes from Lavanda Café.
  • Seeing all the brides and grooms getting their pictures taken outside La Parroquia after their weekend weddings.
  • People-watching in the jardin.
  • The restroom at Cen’Tanni! It smells so good.
  • Fresh homemade ice cream sold on street corners. And I normally don’t even love ice cream.
  • The sweet older couple who live up the street. I once saw the man bring his wife an ice cream cone and it didn’t melt but I did.
  • The mixed crowd at the public library.
  • Del Pueblito, a one-block street that connects Relox and Hidalgo between Insurgentes and Calz de Luz. So many colorful flowers.
  • The aroma of fresh corn tortillas from the tortilleria across the street.
  • Cheap beer at El Callejon.
  • The door to the art gallery at 46 Relox. It’s the prettiest door. I get mad when they’re open because you can’t see it. I don’t want to see art. I want to see the door, dammit.
  • Johnny’s Piano Bar. I only actually went in once, but it makes me happy just walking by at night.
  • The upstairs area of Ki’Bok Café.
  • The late night taco stand on Insurgentes and Hidalgo. It’s never not crowded but they have a system that somehow works–someone sees you standing there and comes to take your order immediately, someone else comes to collect money, and someone else hollers that your tacos al pastor are ready.
  • Everything about Juan’s Café including the classical music being played all day, the anti-Trump paraphernalia, and Juan himself.
  • The Shelter Theatre, which is run by the man I’m renting the apartment from. I went to two concert film screenings there (Leonard Cohen and Talking Heads).
  • My big, comfy bed.
  • Greasy totopos from El Ten Ten Pie.
  • The bread they give you at Tio Lucas before your meal comes out. You know how you’re not supposed to fill up on bread? Good luck with that here.
  • The tall, creepy papier macher-headed people. Sorry, I don’t know how else to describe them.
  • Pink, orange, and yellow buildings.
  • The floofy dog that hangs out with his owner who works at a boutique on Relox and Mesones and always lets me say hi.
  • Checking weekly movie listings for Cine Bacco and Pocket Cinema. Even when there was nothing I wanted to see, I was usually impressed by their programming.
  • Vivela Pizza. Subpar pizza, but great if I wanted a $1 lunch.
  • Locals who let you practice your meager Spanish even when it’s obvious their English is so much better.
  • The man who works at the tienda around the corner. He’s always so smiley.
  • The woman who works at the lavanderia where I get my clothes cleaned. She’s always so smiley.
  • Smiley people all over the place. I don’t think I had one sour encounter the past month.
  • How safe, comfortable, and happy I feel when I’m here.

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  1. Just think….we’re all waiting to see and hear you tell us about everything And you can always go back(and take me with you). Luvya much, Granma

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