Bugs can bite me (figuratively)


Mi medicina.

Tomorrow is my last full day in San Miguel de Allende. *sigh*

I was looking forward to making the most of this past week and treating myself a bit. I wanted to revisit all my favorite bars and restaurants. Because I’m as compulsively organized as I am romantic, I literally wrote out a schedule to fit everything in. But you know what they say about best laid plans.

My schedule of fun was derailed by a nasty infection thanks to a bug bite or sting of indeterminate origin. It’s on my very lower back and spread to another spot on my right arm. It’s ugly, guys. If these marks were on my face, I’d put a bag over my head and preface every conversation with: “I am not an animal. I am a human being.”

They’re really painful. The bite on my lower back makes it impossible for me to sleep on my back and I’ve been hobbling around like a little old man. On Wednesday afternoon, I must have burst into tears every fifteen minutes. It’s like someone stabbed me in the tailbone with a red hot poker. It’s the kind of discomfort that in the thick of it, you can’t quite remember what life was like without it.

I had a travel “first”–visiting a doctor. When it became clear these were no ordinary mosquito bites (of which I’ve had plenty here), I staggered into a local dermatologist’s office. She was very comforting and told me that although she was busy, her previous patient was in a rush and cut his own appointment short, so she was able to squeeze me in. Dr. Hernandez determined the bites were infected, cleaned out the “wound,” sent a sample to a lab, and prescribed me antibiotics as well as a topical antiseptic. I go back to see her tomorrow afternoon for a follow-up. I’m still in pain, but not as much as a few days ago, so I hope the medication is starting to work and I’m not just acclimating to my misery. The bites still look disgusting.

Aside from the ouchiness, the doctor’s visits and medications were last minute expenses I hadn’t anticipated (I’ve made a claim through my travel insurance agency, but I’m waiting to hear back if any of it will be covered). So that sucks, too. I was on track to come home with some of the money I’d saved for this trip, but definitely not as much as I hoped now. I really, really hope this clears up by the time I get home–or you know, preferably YESTERDAY–so I can focus on getting a job and not scrambling for an expensive interim health insurance plan.

This ordeal also just puts a major cramp on my last week of travels. Instead of enjoying every moment, I’m eager for each day to pass in hopes that I’ll feel better the next. The medication means I need to avoid dairy two hours before and after I take my pill, so no more morning latte lavandas from Lavanda Café or bagels with cream cheese from Juan’s. It also means I shouldn’t have alcohol, so no bonus pours of tequila from Leo the bartender during my farewell visit to Los Milagros. Walking too much hurts, so I’ve mostly only left the apartment to get food. I’ve been lying face down on the bed watching Frasier a lot the past few days. I tend to turn to either David Hyde Pierce or The Muppets in times like these.

This is not at all how I wanted to spend my last week in Mexico, but así es la vida. 




  1. My poor baby. I wish I could help, but it seems you have it handled. You’ve been remarkably healthy throughout your travels, so don’t let this get you down. Looking forward to seeing you. Be strong and safe like you always have been. I’m so proud of you…don’t laugh. I tell the bad jokes!

  2. Poor booby, hope the pain is easing more and more each day. Would a ring style cushion would help in sitting, especially on the plane. Worth a thought. Levy and look forward to your return. Gramma

  3. Your dad is right – although it probably doesn’t help ease the pain right now, you have been really lucky with good health during your trip. But sorry it’s putting a damper on your last few days there. But I’m sure you’ll be back! Can’t wait to see you, hermanita!

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