Treat Yourself to a Good Cry

Do you appreciate a good cry? Even if you’re not feeling melancholy? Perhaps especially if you’re not feeling melancholy? I find it to be a gratifying release at times. I can’t just sit down and do it completely unprovoked like Holly Hunter* in Broadcast News but I have compiled a repository from which to draw from whenever I have the urge to feel hot drops of unfathomable sadness roll down my cheeks. Here are a few of them:


Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 7.47.21 PM

Last night, I took a chance on a movie that popped up on my Netflix home page called Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (Emily Ting, 2015). The synopsis sounded Before Sunriseesque and I’m a sucker for a good “right place, wrong time” kind of romance. I’m also a sucker for films about travelers or ex-pats. In this case, the story centers on Americans in Hong Kong. I consume these tales, even the fictional ones, with a sense of admiration and jealousy. They give me inspiration to keep adding money into my travel fund.

Coincidentally, I had been thinking a lot lately about my week in Hong Kong which kicked off eight months of international travel back in the summer of 2014. While I enjoyed my time there enough while I was there, the more I look back, the more I appreciate it. It may have been my favorite big city I visited during my entire trip. For all the tall buildings, sea of people in the street, and oppressive humidity, I felt comfortable there almost immediately. The energy was somehow simultaneously busy and calm. I look forward to visiting again one day.