One Week in Bolivia


I spent one week in Bolivia and each day was difficult, exhausting, and completely worth the hassle.



San “Me”-guel Day

It’s Christmas week in San Miguel de Allende and it is obvious. The decorations are extra festive, the centro is extra full of people, and the churches are extra churchy. I’m kind of sad not to be back in California, though. What stock does a secular Jewish girl have in Christmas? Not much. But like Thanksgiving, I just miss my family and comforts of home. Rather than wallow in self-pity over missing matzoh ball soup (it’s Hanukkah, too! Someone here notified me of that—it was completely off my radar), or my cousin’s Brussels sprouts, I indulged in local goodness and treated myself to a “me” day. I tried to do whatever I’d do at home to fully enjoy myself from morning to night.

The LAyover


I sort of lied by omission—I left Asia and am headed to Mexico but I slipped in a weeklong layover in Los Angeles. I had an LAyover! I wanted to surprise my best friend Jenna but that wound up being spoiled by a third party blabbermouth. No matter! We were still crazy excited to see each other.

I stayed with her husband Mikey’s family which was a lot of fun. If I couldn’t be with my own family, at least I could be with someone else’s. I realized I hadn’t been in a house where people live since I’d left home!