The whole other post


Sitting on a cable car in San Francisco back in the day when I wore a lot of colorful tights.

Warning: soul searching ahoy.



Guat’s Up?


Pretty in pink at Pana Rock.

Tatiana went home two days ago and I totally cried. It was the most time I’d spent with her since I left San Francisco where we used to hang out at least once a week (and before that, we lived together for a few years). We had so much fun! Our trip in Guatemala started in Antigua. We did some stuff.




Travel buddies at the airport!

I wasn’t super excited to return to Tulum, a place I liked the first time I visited but didn’t love. I would preferred going up to Mérida or checking out a smaller beach town like Puerto Morelos or Mahahual. But I was meeting up with Tatiana, one of my all-time best friends and two-time roommate (three if you count our freshman year dorm) and I left it to her to decide where she wanted to visit for her first trip to Mexico. She picked Tulum. Alright, then. I knew we’d have good times wherever.

Guess what? Tulum is so much more fun with a friend!




My view for the next couple of weeks.

I’m officially housesitting as of today in a lovely home in a lovely neighborhood in lovely North London. There’s a lovely cat who is very, very slowly warming up to me. I plan to make her my new best friend by the end of my two weeks here.

Before arriving in London (and getting here was bonkers, by the way—my bus was completely stuck in one place on the M4 for a full hour due to a gnarly accident blocking all lanes on the motorway)—I spent a few days each in Bath and Bristol.


Shambles and Mumbles


Abbey ruins in York.

After Edinburgh, I took a train south to York for two nights. It’s a very pretty medieval town, but I felt one full day there was sufficient. I took yet another great free city walking tour, and this one was really free–my host explained that she and the other guides don’t accept tips. They volunteer their time because they just really love York and are happy to share it while we spend money elsewhere in town.


River Ouse

Aside from the walking tour, I didn’t do much in York. I wandered around the Shambles a bit (their main touristy commercial thoroughfare) and went to the same wine bar by the river two nights in a row. I kept thinking of the Theodoric of York sketches from the 70s era of Saturday Night Live. I don’t think they have medieval barbers anymore.