Grace and Frankie

Guat’s Up?


Pretty in pink at Pana Rock.

Tatiana went home two days ago and I totally cried. It was the most time I’d spent with her since I left San Francisco where we used to hang out at least once a week (and before that, we lived together for a few years). We had so much fun! Our trip in Guatemala started in Antigua. We did some stuff.



All is well in Westport


Friday evening crowd at McGing’s pub in Westport.

I’ve been in Westport for a week now. I’ve delved into the local pub scene and discovered great local beers aside from Guinness which I still do not like (I’m sorry, Ireland!), as well as the joys of Irish music on a Wednesday night. The bus strike is still in effect, making regional travel more expensive and challenging. Yesterday, my roommate Nathalie and I rented a car to go out to Achill Island. Nathalie is German and used to driving a manual car, although not on the opposite side of the road. She did a fine job maneuvering around windy country roads. I did an adequate job of not panicking too visibly in the passenger seat.

Achill was stunning and cold.


Keem Bay.


Sheep on a stroll.


Nathalie with the official greeters of Achill Sound.