Winding Down


No tacos hoy.

I’m back in Mexico! Currently in D.F. where pretty much everything is closed because of Easter, something that had not even crossed my mind. It was impossible to find tacos al pastor in my neighborhood today and that made me sad. I’ll probably just hang out around the hostel for a few days until I head to the Yucatan which I am suuuuuuuuper excited about.

But what have I been up to since I left Chile and went back to Peru?



Machu Picchu, Part 2: Being There


It rained the entire time I was at Machu Picchu. The day before had been lovely and it cleared up as soon as I left, but it may have been a good thing in a way. The weather combined with the strike left the site much less crowded than usual (or so my guide said). I was kind of anticipating another Angkor Wat situation where you’re bumping into tourists and blocking their amateur photography attempts left and right but Machu Picchu was fairly empty. I was wet and cold, but there were times when I felt totally alone, which was pretty cool in a place like that. The fog made it look extra ethereal.


Machu Picchu, Part 1: Getting There


Trying to fill the van.

I have to split Machu Picchu into two parts because being there was one thing but getting there was another.

I’ve been traveling for more than six months now and I’m tired. I could have taken care of all the logistics necessary to get to Machu Picchu myself: booking train tickets, finding transportation from Cusco to the train station in Ollantaytambo and back, acccommodation in Aguas Calientes, buying the actual ticket to the site (and bus tickets up and down the mountain) and getting a guide to explain it all when I’m there. But after crunching some numbers and figuring that doing it myself wouldn’t have saved me that much money, I decided to let someone else take care of it and went through a travel agency. I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Silly me.


Eat my dust!


After Lima, I spent three nights in Paracas. This was probably too much time, especially because the last day and a half was marred by a crazy sandstorm. Initially, I was excited for Paracas. It’s a very small beach town and I haven’t been to a beach since Bali in November! My bathing suits had been sadly stuffed in the bottom of my backpack for months. Unfortunately, Paracas was no Koh Rong. The water wasn’t clear and the whole place smelled like fish. I ate some pretty great seafood while I was there (conchitas a la parmesana twice!), but I don’t want that aroma in my face all the time. So instead of the beach, I spent most of the time in a hammock or by the hostel pool. That is, until the sandstorm closed it down.