Travel buddies at the airport!

I wasn’t super excited to return to Tulum, a place I liked the first time I visited but didn’t love. I would preferred going up to Mérida or checking out a smaller beach town like Puerto Morelos or Mahahual. But I was meeting up with Tatiana, one of my all-time best friends and two-time roommate (three if you count our freshman year dorm) and I left it to her to decide where she wanted to visit for her first trip to Mexico. She picked Tulum. Alright, then. I knew we’d have good times wherever.

Guess what? Tulum is so much more fun with a friend!



Brighton to Mexico


That’s England, not Mexico.

So Brighton was a very nice surprise. It’s a fun, eclectic, colorful city and not what I expected at all. It was also unexpectedly hot. I’m so used to associating England with rain and gray skies. However, the heat was good prep for arriving in Mexico, which I did yesterday afternoon. The pilot of my plane even joked about it when he gave us the local weather report upon our descent: “The weather is…not too different from where we came from. Which is highly unusual for me to say here.”

I’m in Tulum now which eh, I’m not super stoked on. What I am super stoked on is my friend Tatiana will be arriving here within the hour. I’ve visited friends during my trip but this is the first time someone from home is coming to meet up with me. I’m almost nervous because I’m so used to traveling solo and not having to compromise so I’m going to do my best not to try to take over and do things my way. Mostly I’m just excited to see her.

The countdown to sweaty hugs (ugh, humidity), and tacos begins!




Tulum was a place I thought I’d love and while I’m enjoying it, I’m not planning on searching for an apartment and staying a while. Which is good, because I think I already mentioned winding this trip down. That’s official now: I have a flight home booked. But I still have some time left in Mexico and a few more places to explore.

First, let’s review Tulum.